MK III FLEX spars for the Optimist sailors under 35kg
Material: Superior Lanurep spacecraft alloy
Anodized: Top grade hard dark grey

Logo of the MK3 FLEX Optimist spars

OX234M3F    Set MK3 FLEX spars* 
OX25ab3F   MK3 FLEX mast*
OX35M3   Racing boom MK3, 40mm
OX45M3F   Racing sprit MK3 FLEX, 26.6mm
OX234M3FP   Package of 5 sets MK3 FLEX spars*

* With rigging pack (OX25):

- 2 x nylon top pins
- 1 x Wind indicator PRO
- 1 x Dyneema halyard line
- 1 x Harken ball bearing hook-in block
- 1 x Windesign 25mm low friction ring
- 1 x Nylon sprit adjuster handle
- 1 x 4mm Vectran halyard line
- 1 x Deck collar with mast sleeve
- 5 x 2.2mm tack lines
- 12 x 1.2mm double lacing lines

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MK3 flex optimist spars

MK3 Optimist racing boomHow to rig an Optimist #1
Boom preventer & Cunningham
Instruction video link

mk3 top mast optimax

How to rig an Optimist #2
Top pins & Wind indicator
Instruction video link

mk3 sprit optimax

How to rig an Optimist #3
Halyard & Sprit
Instruction video link